Hiroshima Dreaming (DVD003)

A Journey to the Koi Farms of Southern Japan

Over the past few years, the Koi breeders of Southern Japan have enjoyed a tremendous growth in popularity. They have endeavored to match stride for stride, and in many cases surpass their Niigata counterparts, in the quality of Nishikigoi they produce. For the very first time, these unique farms are profiled in this highly informative and entertaining DVD.

Sakai Fish Farm are the largest producers of Nishikigoi in the world and have won The All Japan Show 3 times in the last 6 years, an unrivalled achievement in the Koi world. We go behind the scenes at this incredible facility to show you the harvesting of their mud ponds and the unique methods used on the farm. We also visit the Hiroshima Koi show and take a closer look at the way the Japanese stage these events. Omosako Koi farm, the home of high class Shiro Utsuri, is also profiled, as is the Narita Koi Farm, Japan’s largest Koi superstore.

Whilst Niigata will always be the spiritual home of Nishikigoi, the breeders of Southern Japan are producing Koi of the quality that many facilities could only wish for. In this programme we take a close look at, quite literally, some of the finest Koi in the world, fish measuring up to 1.1 metres in length. Another classic from New Vision, Hiroshima Dreaming will leave you wanting to visit this utterly unique part of the Far East. A compelling DVD for all Koi keepers.

Running time: Approx 60 mins