Hands on Healthcare for Koi (DVD008)

Over the course of this programme Bernice Brewster, on of the UK’s leading Koi experts, shows not only how to maintain a health pond and healthy Koi, but also how to both recognize and treat a parasite attack, should one occur.

Throughout this intensive, one hour programme, Bernice discusses many areas of Koi healthcare and demonstrates many things on camera including:

  • ● correct water testing
  • ● anaesthetizing and treating Koi
  • ● taking skin scrapes
  • ● microscope use
  • ● correct netting techniques
  • ● individual parasite recognition
  • ●  salt bathing Koi

If you’re serious about caring for your Koi and you only want to buy one video – this is the one. No Koi keeper should be without it.

Producer: New Vision Videos, Run-time: 60 minutes