Breeding Koi the Japanese Way (DVD002)

The NEW VISION Production team has a track record of Koi programming that speaks for itself, but even by their high standards this is a remarkable look into the incredible process of creating high class Koi. For anyone with a desire to understand more about the fascinating culture of Nishikigoi, this DVD is essential viewing.

Never before has such unprecedented access been granted to the secrets of the world’s largest Koi farm. Incredible footage includes:

  • ● Preparation of the parent Koi.
  • ● Extraction of the female’s eggs.
  • ● The exact moment of fertilization.
  • ● Breathtaking close ups of the tiny, newly hatched fry.
  • ● Feeding fry ponds & mud ponds.
  • ● The first and second culls.

For the Japanese breeders of Nishikigoi, summer is a time of early mornings and late nights, the time of the year when parent Koi are spawned and the all important process of growing and nurturing fry takes place. Over the course of this programme, we will follow the staff of Sakai fish farm through the entire process in a fascinating access all areas look into the breeding and culling of Koi.

Running time: Approx 45 mins